Frequently Asked Questions

What arrangements are made for early arrivals/late departures?

A complete shuttle itinerary will be forwarded with each confirmation packet. Early arrivals/late departures are housed in their assigned camp rooms, are to abide by all camp rules and policies, and meal service is provided only during the normal camp session. Early arrivals may take meals off – campus within walking distance of the H-SC campus.

How many roommates may I request?

One, all rooms are double-occupancy. We are sincere about honoring each request in advance. Each session fills to capacity, therefore last minute alterations cannot be accomodated. All requests must be made by June 15, 2010.

Can I be on the same team as my buddy?

Rosters are randomly compiled by primary and secondary position prior to camp opening. We do not accept requests for team assignment preferences. Squads are not altered once selected unless unforeseen roster imbalance occurs (e.g., injury).

How many campers do you enroll?

Our maximum goal is 192 campers (12 teams of 16). We accept 210 per session, as attrition will occur for a variety of reasons. If enrollment falls under 180 campers (12 teams of 15), we immediately enroll new applicants with preference given to primary and secondary defensive positions and grade of applicant.

How important is the first day of camp?

In our bias, it is very important. The first day establishes policies, schedules, guidelines and the building blocks for staff and camper relationships. Equally important are the compilation of running times, the making of pitching and hitting videos (all hitters, and all primary and secondary pitchers), as well as foundational teaching lectures which set the tone for the week ahead.

What types of things does the camp store offer?

The Camp Store is provided for camper convenience and contains a brief assortment of items to include: Pizzas, soft drinks and sport drinks, shorts, hats and t-shirts. The Camp Store is typically open for approximately 45 minutes following the completion of each evening session and during showcase day.

Tell us about Showcase Day

Showcase day is simply a day to play, show your skills (physical and attitudinal), and have fun. We are first and foremost a teaching camp, yet a powerful thread of exposure takes place in the process. We believe the BIV Showcase Camp presents an uncanny opportunity to recruit as much for attitude as ability. We mail approximately 200 invitations to collegiate coaches and professional scouts. We cannot predict or control who will attend, but we typically average 50-60 scouts in attendance. Grandstand seating is limited, so bring a folding chair. Concessions are available.

What happens if it rains?

If it rains, we have indoor adaptations that focus strictly on instruction. Should weather require, Showcase B.P. is replaced. Should it rain on Showcase Day, we focus on completing one round of games.